• Data Modeling and Analytics
    Data Modeling and Analytics
    Data Modeling and Analytics
    Data modeling and predictive analytics has quickly become the most effective way to grow a digital presence. I have more than a decade of experience in data analysis, modeling, and data design with BI/UI and am proficient with DOMO, Tableau, PowerBI, and other tools. Recently acquainted with Predictive analytics tools such as SAP Predictive Analytics.
  • Design and Development
    Design and Development
    Digital Strategist and UX/UI design
    UX/UI design and strategy since 2000. I've been designing interfaces, wireframes, and project architecture for global brands including Airwalk, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Radio Free America, Sims Snowboards, Starbucks, Chrysler, Jeep, and many more.
  • Strategy & Info Design
    Strategy & Info Design
    Information Design and Marketing
    Content development, app & web design, infographic design, presentations, reports, and analytics - all data needs to be designed well to be understood and actionable. My production and project management approach is based on communicating ideas and data both internal and external to the brands I work with.
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Skills and Competencies

Experience + Execution
Content Design

I am competent in content production across many formats including; print design, video production and editing, motion graphics, AR/VR design, information design, audio production, photography, digital design, animation, podcasting, live streaming, and document design, to name a few, with portfolio's available for each discipline.


Over a decade experience in interface and experience design across a range of devices, and in a format that technology teams, marketing teams, executive teams, and designers can understand and use.

Web Design

Web design and development skills including interface design, usability testing, digital research, and new technology familiarity.

Information Design

Compelling Info Design and documentation to map, communicate, and visualize digital concepts.


Competent and familiar with marketing strategy including new technology for display media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, market research and more.

Project Management

A member of PMI for over a decade, I understand that the formula to successful production is organization, competence, and communication. Humans have developed tools, functions, mechanisms and math to help chart the success of projects and programs. Knowing how to utilize these resources to ensure the success of any project is an important function that I bring to any project.


Digital business has come a long way in the last couple of decades. In the 90's, you could get away with a "webmaster" who would probably know how to do most things. Today, digital discipline relies on breadth of knowledge and ability to communicate ideas. To specialize in digital', you need to be an expert in a range of competencies. My career in digital started in 1991, when the Internet became available to the mainstream. I was 13 years old that year, and created my first website. Since then, I have been involved in hundreds of projects for global brands including being project lead on web development, UX/UI, content design, information design, analytics development, marketing and ad campaigns, research programs, augmented reality, strategy development, display media development, SEO/SEM execution, programmatic creative development, social media management, online public relations campaigns, and information design projects. I've led teams of 40+ people, or completed enterprise scale projects as a team of one. Among my competencies are:

  • UX Strategy and UI Design
  • Web Development and Design
  • Digital Campaign Development
  • SEO / SEM campaigns and Execution
  • Digital Strategy and Execution
  • Digital Project Management
  • Analytics Development and data BI strategy
  • Content and Information Design
  • Video Production, Editing, and Streaming

Competencies, skills, and abilities that I work to develop and refine.

  • GA, GTM, Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and PowerBI
  • MySQL/PHP based CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, and more)
  • CRM Programs (BlackBaud, Salesforce, Hubspot, Luminate and more)
  • UI Programs such as Sketch, XD, Axure, Invision and more
  • All Adobe Products including Animate and AS3
  • All Microsoft Office Products including Animate and AS3
  • Video Editing and Effects
  • Motion Graphics and Animation Development
  • All Google Products including Google Web Design and DoubleClick

I have developed a host of certifications relevant to my breadth range of experiences including:

  • GWD Certification
  • 12 year member of PMI (Project Managers Institute)
  • Doubleclick Certification
  • Adwords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Dynamic Creative Certification
  • DoubleClick Search Certification
  • DoubleClick Rich Media
  • Google VPAID
  • Google HTML5

I have had the benefit of being project lead on many award winning projects, working with the best agencies in the world as both project manager and project strategist/lead including:

  • Vision Streetwear FWA (with FL-2)
  • Airwalk FWA (with Legwork Studio)
  • Airwalk Mobile FWA (with Legwork Studio)
  • Dewar's True Scotch FWA (BlueModus + Mr.President)
  • Commarts Interactive 14 Cover (Vision Streetwear)
  • Airwalk Augmented Reality Webby (client project lead with Y&R) (
  • Airwalk 2011 Webby honoree (client project lead with Legwork)
  • Vision Streetwear Webby Honoree (FL-2)
  • ADA - Sims Snowboards
  • SXSW Honorable Mention - Vision Streetwear

The ability to work well with teams is essential in creating a productive and fulfilling work culture. Being accountable to others, and empathizing with them as human beings striving to do well in their careers has been my approach to integrating with company culture.

In theory, this sounds simple enough, but interpersonal human relations are often complicated to navigate. Differences in ideas, personalities, and interests lead to communication challenges that can disrupt a team dynamic. I seek to avoid these issues by looking forward to the differences. By welcoming all personalities and enjoying the diversity in idea & opinion as a vital piece of the collaborative process.

Every person impacts the culture of a workplace, and my approach to this impact is to be honest, accountable, competent, friendly, and sincerely invested in the success of a company and the people around me.

Alan Rhatigan
Alan Rhatigan Sr. User Experience Designer

Bryon is by far one of the sharpest individuals I have ever worked with. His digital prowess is matched only by his innate sense of humor. Which he always finds in times of need. During my time at Vladimir Jones, I watched him lead and build the digital team into a force to be reckoned with. Improving client retention and driving new business opportunities were among a few of his accomplishments. With that said, if you're looking for someone to lead the charge on Digital Strategy Bryon is the man for the job.

Eric Dreyer
Eric Dreyer Vice President

Bryon and I worked together for approximately five years at Collective International. During that time he was responsible for all aspects of the business related to online marketing and web development. And throughout those five years he did a great job. Despite being in a challenging business environment where he had to work on up to seven brands at the same time, Bryon consistently developed innovative and effective solutions on both the strategic and tactical level.


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